Mexico Overview

mexico-map Pristine beaches, hot sun, blue water and a fantastic nightlife make up only part of what Mexico has to offer you, although those are reasons enough to come. Mexico is also a place filled with history, culture and amazing sites. When you need a break from the beach you’ll find a great selection of things to do. Saying that, there is also a wealth of activities for you to choose from if you decide not to spend all your time on the beach. And with all these options, its nice to know that HotelsbyCity gives you a great selection of hotels so you can decide which place is perfect for you.

Destinations in Mexico

Acapulco has a fantastic selection of beaches for you to explore, and when you need a break from all that sand and surf, you’ll be able to tour the city’s exciting ... Read More
Clear blue water, pristine beaches, world-class hotels and a lively nightlife you won’t soon forget – this is Cancun. Although it’s not an island, Cancun definitely ... Read More
Get ready to soak up some rays on the long, white beaches of Cozumel or get on a jet ski and explore the island from the water. Whether by land or by sea, Cozumel will ... Read More
Located in the Southern Pacific, Huatulco is an amazing place to enjoy unspoiled beaches, fresh seafood and see the beautiful Sierra Madre del Sur. The aqua blue waters ... Read More
Like those two-for-one deals? Then you’ll love Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo. Situated along the Costa Grande and about seven kilometers apart, they feature amazing blue water, ... Read More
Loreto was founded in 1697 by the Jesuits and is the oldest town in Baja California. And the result is a place that is rich in history. Loreto has the added benefit of ... Read More
Los Cabos
Situated on the tip of Baja California, you’ll enjoy great hotels and service, amazing golf courses and restaurants, fantastic fishing, swimming and sailing as well as ... Read More
Although Manzanillo had a history filled with piracy, you’ll still find it to be a place filled with adventure. Located along the Pacific Coast, the beaches offer you a ... Read More
Mazatlan is self-sufficient with industries other than tourism, which means you’ll find it to be a more relaxed environment than other Mexican hotspots. And that means ... Read More
Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta existed as a local village long before tourism was introduced. The result is a hot destination filled with great history, which makes it a great place to ... Read More

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