Top Ten Waterparks List

What better way can there be to cool off from the scorching sun than be immersed in cool, refreshing water? Sure, beaches have sand but what else can they offer? Some palm trees? Woopidee doo. Our Top Ten Waterparks provide you with sheer enjoyment. Tubes, lazy rivers, slides and far more give you the chance to feel like a kid again. Although we do suggest you leave the Speedos behind. That's just not fun for anyone to see.
The Schlitterbahn
As one of the most popular waterparks in all of Texas, this aqua playground continues to attract families year after year. Whatever your age, there is a place for you. The little ones can enjoy the Lagoon Kiddie Park whereas the daring can try out the Cliffhanger Tube Chute. Surfers can also show off their hang-tens at the Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride. The added bonus of spending a few days at the Schlitterbahn is that you can bring in your own picnic. With a slogan like 'the hottest, coolest times in Texas' how can you go wrong?
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Noah's Ark
Claiming to be the largest waterpark in all of the USA is a daring move... unless of course you can back it up. And Noah's Ark can. Some of our favorites include the Black Anaconda, Time Warp and Dark Voyage. There are over 40 waterslides for you to choose from though so try out them all and see if our favorites compare with yours. Because it is so big, Noah's Ark also has your safety in mind. That's why they have a couple of hundred lifeguards on hand to ensure that everyone has a great, but safe, time.
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Water Country USA
Step back into time as you enter the gates at Water Country USA. Enjoy the dark? You will love the Aquazoid. Feel the need for speed? Try the Meltdown - it is a tube ride you won't soon forget. Even if the weather gets a tad cold, the park heats up their pools so there is really no reason why you shouldn't go. Those who need to dry off will love the Island Quest show where you can enjoy great performances that include acrobats, trampoline artists and divers.
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Disney's Blizzard Beach
Leave it to Disney to create a waterpark whose theme is a ski hill. Forget about your green, blue and black ski runs though. Disney's Blizzard Beach has created its own ski legend ... ideal for one of Disney's great waterparks. Here, the colors are green, purple and red. One of its most daring 'runs' is Summit Plummet - a waterslide that stands at 120 feet high. Just image the view from waaaay up there. How do you get up there? Well, by a ski lift of course. Who knew Florida could have so much 'winter' fun without having any snow?
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White Water
Anything part of the Six Flags family has to be filled with fantastic rides and White Water is no different. Any thrill seekers traveling with you? Put them on the Cliffhanger and see how they hold up. Shooting down a 90-foot slide may not be everyone's cup of tea but if you can handle it, the Cliffhanger is definitely worth trying out. Another favorite is the Tornado... we feel the name speaks for itself. Not too interested in zooming around, especially after lunch? White Water also has a number of relaxing rides for you to enjoy and catch a bit of the sun's rays.
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Raging Waters
California is one of the largest states so if there is a waterpark that claims to be the biggest in California, we take note. There are two Raging Waters (the other is in San Jose) but we are focusing on San Dimas. Do you remember as a kid when you were told to never go down a slide headfirst? Welcome to the Ragin' Racer where headfirst is the only way to go. Other favorites are High Extreme (tubing at a whole new level), Amazon Adventure (ideal for those who want to relax) and the Dark Hole (yup, you are in the dark). This waterpark has enough fun for the entire family.
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Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe
This North Carolina waterpark is known for being a great place to bring the entire family. The entrance fee for this waterpark seems to be quite reasonable and you can save even more if you bring in your own picnic lunch. Plus, they have rides for the very young to the not so young. You can even rent a Cabana to get a break from the sun. Some must-experience attractions include Thunder Bay, the two million gallon wave pool, and Dragon's Den, which is definitely not for the faint of heart. Other fantastic rides include Bonzai Pipeline, Twin Twisters and the Runaway Raft Ride.
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Disney's Typhoon Lagoon
Disney's claim to being the 'happiest place on earth' definitely includes its waterparks and who doesn't want to be happy? Its impressive outdoor wave pool is another reason. With its shipwreck theme abounding everywhere you can enjoy Mayday Falls, the Crush 'n' Gusher and Keelhaul Falls. Castaway Creek is a fantastic lazy river and Ketchakidee Creek is ideal for the kids. The more adventurous can also snorkel through Shark Reef and yes, those are real sharks swimming beside you.
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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags continues to do what it does best - great theme parks with amazing rides. The Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, NJ spreads over 40 acres, which includes an impressive wave pool and a lovely lazy river. Considering this waterpark is in New Jersey it is only fitting that it has the Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom tube slides. Tony Soprano would be proud. Other tube rides you can't miss include the Boreas, Eurus, Zephyrus and Nortus. These slides are definitely good to go on before or long after you have had lunch.
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Water World
Spreading over an impressive 60 acres in beautiful Colorado, Water World has a huge number of attractions for you to experience. Claiming to have the highest waterslides in the world, the Pipeline, Flatline and Redline will leave you breathless... and no, that's not the altitude. The other popular ride is called the 'Voyage to the center of the earth'. Although the ride itself isn't all that scary, even though it is in the dark, the prehistoric friends you meet along the way will get your heart pumping. Or you could relax on the Tortuga Run, which is a 1,000-foot lazy river. Can't get much lazier than that! Although they do have restaurants inside the park gates, picnics are welcomed.
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