Top Ten Travel Destinations List

Creating the Top Ten Travel Destinations was one of the hardest lists to put together. Why? Because there are simply too many wonderful places that are worth exploring. Cutting the options down to ten seemed almost impossible. So, we researched for hours ensuring that our top picks were worthy of being on this list. Included are cities found in the USA, Canada, Europe and even further away. We think our choices are pretty fantastic and a great starting point to any vacationer's itinerary. Have fun exploring!
Amsterdam has so much to offer but is small enough for you to discover in one trip. Saying that though Amsterdam might very well become one of your favorites and returning will be a must. One of its many benefits is that you can bike or walk to a great selection of attractions. Explore the Anne Frank or Van Gogh museums, cross the canals or see the windmills. Another benefit? The locals all seemed to be relaxed, which allows you to slow down and savor every minute you spend here. Read more about the 'Venice of the North' with our Amsterdam travel guide.
Welcome to a city where time-honored traditions are experienced alongside futuristic achievements. Bangkok always seems to be on the go and yet respecting the past is part of the daily routine. After you have explored the outdoor markets, Chinatown, the Emerald Buddha and beautiful palaces you can head back to your luxurious hotel. Although Bangkok preserves its history well it can also offer you the best of today's luxuries. And often for a more reasonable price than in North America. Learn more about Bangkok here.
New York City
As one of North America's most visited cities, New York City is jammed with sites, sounds and scents. Perhaps you'll come for the museums and galleries. Or maybe the shopping and Broadway shows are tempting you. Whatever your reason New York City has so much to offer that coming just once doesn't seem to do it justice. Although you may feel overwhelmed at times you can retreat at a world-class spa or enjoy an evening at one of the thousand choices you have for dining. Like we said, one visit is just never enough. Interested in learning more about the Big Apple? Read our New York travel guide.
Paris has become a favorite holiday destination simply because it has so much to offer. Lovebirds migrate here to rekindle the flame, artists come to see what legends are really made of and clothing connoisseurs adore the fashion trends. Of course the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe help draw the tourists in as well. Even though Paris hosts millions of visitors each year you can still experience the Parisian way of life. Explore Paris and you too will see why it made our list. Discover what the City of Light has to offer you. Check out our Paris travel guide.
San Juan
San Juan is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and has attracted visitors for centuries. Its harbor is a popular way for visitors to arrive as it is considered the best in the Caribbean. Once you arrive you will be amazed at how well preserved San Juan's history is. Explore forts, colonial homes and plazas that have stood the test of time. Prefer the here and now? San Juan also has districts that rival that of Las Vegas, including it's casinos. Puerto Rico is a fantastic country to discover. Read more at our Puerto Rico travel guide.
Grand Cayman
Grand Cayman made our list because it satisfies travelers visiting for business, pleasure or both. Spend time in the capital of George Town and discover why companies love coming to work. Or, spend your days exploring the beautiful white sandy beaches and discover what relaxation is supposed to feel like. Need a bit more adventure? Make your way to Stingray city and come face to face with these amazing creatures. Grand Cayman has become a favorite hotspot for many. Discover why for yourself and make it your next destination. Interested in learning more about Grand Cayman? Read our Grand Cayman travel guide.
Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo is a complex destination filled with contrasts. It is a jumble of skyscrapers while a short drive away lies some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Discover fantastic museums and historic sites or learn more about the exotic culture. Although it gets hot here (drink lots of bottled water) the activity never stops. People mingle throughout the day although once the sun sets the evenings really heat up. Your nights will be filled with delicious meal creations and the party scene is out of this world. Discover more about San Paulo with our San Paulo travel guide.
Beijing - what a fabulous mixture of old and new. The locals are proud of their rich heritage as well as their continued achievements for future developments. Their modern architecture will leave a lasting impression... until you discover the historic temples. Other sites that attract millions of guests each year include the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City as well as Tian'anmen Square. As you discover the city's main attractions and hidden gems you too will see why Beijing is such a popular destination. Our Beijing travel guide has even more great info for you to read.
Waikiki Beach is reason enough to come discover Honolulu. This fabulous stretch of sand is picture perfect and a huge drawing card for visitors. However, Honolulu has more to offer and that is why it is on our Top Ten Destinations. Learn about history at the Arizona Memorial or about the local culture at the Bishop Museum. Plus, the air out here just smells exotic and delicious. Get your fill on fresh fruit, glorious sunsets and maybe even pick up a few moves from the hula dancers. Read up on this Hawaiian getaway with our Honolulu travel guide.
Canada's popular cities all have their own flair but Montreal seems to really stand out from the crowd. You truly feel as though you've crossed a number of borders and have ended up somewhere in Europe. But alas, you haven't and can explore this impressive city without flying for a full day. There are lovely boutiques, quaint cafés and historic sites. Another added benefit for coming to Montreal is the number of cultures that call it home. Your dining experiences will be worth savoring. Learn about this Canadian hotspot with our Montreal travel guide.

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