Top Ten Spring Break Hotspots List

Spring Break is considered a rite of passage among college and university students. There are throngs of youngin's who head out each year in hopes of having the time of their life. True, we have a number of Mexico and Florida destinations but they have lived up to their reputations year in and year out. However, we also have fantastic hot spots you and your friends will come to love. Just remember to stay safe and know your limits. The places we've listed are definitely worth remembering.
Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu is a popular destination for it...s British themed area called London Bridge. College kids know it as one of the best places to catch some spring break fever. Its great outdoors allow you to take advantage of fantastic lake activities, mountain biking or even white water rafting. Lake Havasu also has a reputation for hosting one of the best outdoor parties in the USA. Prefer the indoors? There are a number of clubs for you to choose from as well. Plus, a trip here won...t set you back a year of tuition. Party it up in Lake Havasu and stay at one of these great hotels.
Panama City
This is an obvious choice simply because millions of spring breakers flock to it every single year. There are miles and miles of sandy coasts and that means hundreds of beach parties. But these aren...t your smalltime get togethers. Huge sponsors come every year to take advantage of the publicity and that means lots, and lots, of giveaways. Add fun in the sun and dynamite clubs and you...ll have a great time. All those people can...t be wrong ... Panama City is definitely a great spring break destination. Party it up in Panama City and stay at one of these great hotels.
Puerto Vallarta
Quickly gaining popularity is stunning Cabo San Lucas. With its tropical temperatures and picture perfect beaches spending time here might just be what your brain needs. The coasts offer you surfing and scuba diving while the clubs show off their amazing DJs. Of course, everyone knows you should be spending spring break studying for those upcoming finals but if you can tear yourself away from the books you will love what Cabo San Lucas has to offer you and your friends. Party it up in Cabo San Lucas and stay at one of these great hotels.
South Padre Island
Texas is known for its hospitality and South Padre Island eagerly welcomes the youngin...s looking to take a break. Who says you can...t be at two places at the same time? Because of its location you get to experience two countries at once ... USA and Mexico. Although the beaches are ideal to work on that tan surfers will love the waves. Plus, the nearby reef systems attract beautiful underwater creatures, which makes snorkeling a popular way to spend the day. Need more info? Check out our South Padre travel guide. Party it up in South Padre Island and stay at one of these great South Padre hotels.
Whether you come for the daytime attractions or the night...s activities Negril is sure to please. While the sun sits high in the sky you can enjoy the beaches, fantastic outdoor activities or even shop in the markets. At night the clubs offer you a huge selection of music genres. There are also fantastic beach parties and outdoor concerts for you to enjoy as well. With so much to do you just might need to stretch your weeklong vacation into two. Party it up in Negril and stay at one of these great hotels.
Daytona Beach
Our second spring break destination in Florida is Daytona Beach. What makes this a ...have to be there... destination is that it has amazing beach parties as well as fantastic festivities all along Atlantic Avenue. During the daytime there are concerts and contests while at night the music gets cranked for the all night dancers. Of course there is the amazing beach and tons of water activities for you to enjoy too. No matter where you go in Daytona you...ll have an awesome time. Need more info? Check out our Daytona Beach travel guide. Party it up in Daytona Beach and stay at one of these great Daytona Beach hotels.
What...s synonymous to spring break? Cancun. For years it has attracted students in need of a break from the grind of school. It...s not difficult to understand why ... pristine beaches rimmed with blue waters, the hot sun and white sand are reasons enough to come. But Cancun also knows how to throw a great party. The beaches are a popular destination for a good time as are the concerts, clubs and cruises. You can enjoy a fantastic evening at a new destination each night. Now that...s getting your money...s worth. Need more info? Check out our Cancun travel guide. Party it up in Cancun and stay at one of these great Cancun hotels.
Miami Beach
Those looking for a sophisticated place to party will love Miami Beach. Trendy clubs, happening restaurants and of course its beaches make it a popular place to go. South Beach is definitely a must do but almost anywhere in Miami Beach will be a load of fun. Walk through the Art Deco district and choose from a huge selection of clubs. Just keep you eyes open for the famous folks who love Miami Beach just as much as you do. Need more info? Check out our Miami Beach travel guide. Party it up in Miami Beach and stay at one of these great Miami Beach hotels.
Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach has a reputation for being a great place to bring the family but it cranks up the heat during spring break. Many of the hottest clubs are within walking distance from each other so you can enjoy your night without having to worry about getting around. During the day Myrtle Beach has a lot for you to enjoy as well. The beaches allow you to work on your tan while the golf courses provide chances to improve your swing. Hey, an adult now. Perfecting your golf game might come in handy for those future business ...meetings.... Need more info? Check out our Myrtle Beach travel guide. Party it up in Myrtle Beach and stay at one of these great Myrtle Beach hotels.
Located just off of the coast of Florida Nassau has a ton of options for you to enjoy your spring break. Go swimming with the dolphins or snorkeling along the shores. Try your luck on the casino floor or getting that hottie to dance with you at one of the great clubs. Its tropical destination means you are almost guaranteed perfect weather. Its no wonder Nassau has repeat visitors. It just might tempt you to stay in school another year. Party it up in Nassau and stay at one of these great hotels.

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