Top Ten New Years Eve Destinations List

Ah yes, the stroke of midnight. For some, you have been in bed for a good couple of hours and are peacefully enjoying your REM sleep. Others are just heading out the door for an evening packed full of surprises. Whatever your preference, celebrating New Years Eve is a tradition that announces one year has drawn to a close, while the other is just on the horizon. Whether you celebrate with a small gathering or join the throngs of people at the -place to be-, we have a list of cities that claim to be the best place to bring in the New Year.

As always, be smart when you celebrate. What may seem like the 'best idea ever', may not be when you wake up the next morning. Also, don't drink and drive. Besides if you are visiting any one of these great locations, don't you want to remember all of its splendor?
Happy New Year from all of us at HotelsByCity!
Sydney, Australia
The Sydney New Years Eve celebration is for Australians what the New York Apple drop is for Americans. Considering this party draws out a million guests, not including the millions that tune in via TV, you know they are going to put on a fantastic show. Located along the Sydney Harbour, the fireworks are absolutely fantastic. Plus, you could celebrate in Sydney and quickly fly somewhere else and party the New Year twice. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Sydney hotels. Learn more about Sydney with our Sydney Travel Guide.
New York City, New York
The ball drop in Times Square is synonymous with New Years Eve. Besides this once-a-year party, New Yorkers just know how to put on a fantastic celebration. There are new clubs, legendary clubs, ritzy hotels and five-star dinners for you to experience. Times Square is jammed on December 31 so get there super early if you want to catch a glimpse of it. Even if you aren-t able to reach Times Square, the vibe of the city is reason enough to come. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our New York City hotels. Learn more about New York with our New York City Travel Guide.
Berlin, Germany
As an important symbol in German history, the Brandenburg Gate holds a special place in all German hearts. Hundreds of thousands of them come to the gate each year to welcome in the upcoming year. Although Berlin can be a tad cold during this time of year, you won-t even notice it with all of the people surrounding you. And the view of the Brandenburg Gate lit up at night will help you forget any lingering chills you might be feeling. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Berlin hotels. Learn more about Berlin with our Berlin Travel Guide.
London, England
If you are looking for a street party look no further. The London Parade, held New Year-s Day, attracts visitors from all over Europe. It is a fantastic celebration featuring local heroes, marching bands, clowns and more. To appreciate the size of this celebration you really need to see it first hand. Of course, London has a variety of events for you to enjoy the evening as well. Make your way to the London Eye for a spectacular fireworks display. Another favorite to watch the time go by is at London-s Big Ben clock tower. It too has a fabulous fireworks show for you to enjoy. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our London hotels. Learn more about London with our London Travel Guide.
Toronto, Ontario
The diversity that thrives in Toronto can be seen through the various celebrations the city hosts over New Years. There is of course a huge selection of clubs for you to choose from, especially in the Entertainment District. The annual New Years Eve Bash at Nathan Phillips Square is another fantastic venue where you can listen to some of today-s chart topping performers. Toronto-s -First Night Toronto- is a great event just for the family. There are hundreds of performers and a number of shows that are spread over three days. Ending with a bang on December 31, the fireworks display is truly amazing. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Toronto hotels. Learn more about Toronto with our Toronto Travel Guide.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio knows how to bring in the New Year. Actually, it has the reputation for being the best place to bring in the New Year. You and a couple million of your closest friends all line the stunning Copacabana Beach to watch a fireworks show like you have never seen before. Although they are definitely at their peak at the stroke of midnight the locals start early in the afternoon and continue until the morning of New Years Day. Before midnight you will see people dressed in all white throwing flowers into the water as a symbol of good luck. Plus, the added bonus is that it-s summer for Brazil so the crowds hang around long after the show is over. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Rio hotels. Learn more about Rio with our Rio De Janeiro Travel Guide.
Tokyo, Japan
Celebrating the New Year in Tokyo is filled with friendly people walking the streets as they go to family and friends- houses, restaurants or even the clubs. The celebration begins a few days earlier on the 29th of December and continues until January 4th. Yes, that means you have a full week to celebrate with your new friends. However, most of the major tourist sites close down for that week. You will know when it is midnight with the ringing of the temple-s bells. Those who are religious make the pilgrimages to the temples to pray for the upcoming year. The following day is also an important day since it is one of the two days that the Imperial Palace opens its grounds to the public.Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Tokyo hotels. Learn more about Tokyo with our Tokyo Travel Guide.
Los Angeles, California
LA is a hotspot anytime of year but the city bursts with energy on December 31st. There are thousands of clubs and restaurants for you to choose from, fantastic firework displays held throughout the city and music pumping from almost every street corner. What makes Los Angeles stand out though is its legendary Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade. The parade comes complete with floats, marching bands and even has a famous Grand Marshal that leads the way. Of course, football fans also know -The Granddaddy of Them All- Rose Bowl collage football game. Whether you are one of the million spectators or enjoying the show on your TV, LA-s legendary parade and football game is definitely worth seeing. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our LA hotels. Learn more about LA with our Los Angeles Travel Guide.
Paris, France
The City of Light comes into full force on New Years Eve. In general there are two areas where locals and guests come together - the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel tower. If you are planning on starting out your evening at the Champs Elysées you will end up at the Arc de Triomphe by the stroke of midnight. It seems anywhere you go though, there are thousands of people milling around who are drinking that delicious Parisian wine and offering well wishes to anyone within hearing/shouting distance. Of course, no night in Paris would be complete without receiving a kiss at midnight. Just be prepared to dish out and receive a lot from all the new friends you have met. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Paris hotels. Learn more about Paris with our Paris Travel Guide.
Disney World, Florida
Disney World is a great choice for all of the families who would like to celebrate the New Year together. You aren-t the only one with this idea though and these parks can be quite packed so make sure you stick together. Whichever of the parks you decide to watch the fireworks you will be in for a real treat. The favorite though seems to be Pleasure Island, which magically transforms itself into a fantastic street party filled with music, food and entertainment. Interested in spending New Years Eve here? Take a look at our Disney World hotels. Learn more about Disney World with our Disney World page.

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