Top Ten Golf Courses List

Who would have thought that a metal stick and a plastic ball could become so addicting? Anyone who has played the game of golf knows that it is far more than just hitting a ball. There is a passion in every dedicated player and there is no better way to quench that desire then to play on some of the very best golf courses out there. We have listed some that are open to all and others that are reserved for the pros. On the courses you can play you get to breathe in fresh air, enjoy stunning scenery and get a workout at the same time. What better way could there be to enjoy a holiday?
Augusta National Golf Club
Although this is a private club, it is by far one of the most recognized courses in the world. Largely in part because of the tournaments it has held and because of its infamous green jacket tradition. Don't let the beauty of Augusta lead you into thinking that it is a walk in the park. This course demands the utmost respect. Although the chances of you golfing on it are quite slim, no one can take away you dreaming about it... every night. Interested in visiting Augusta? See which Augusta hotel is perfect for you.
Pebble Beach Golf Links
This stunning golf course is one of the most beautiful in the world. What makes it even better is that it is open to the public. Yes, it is open to all but your game will be one of the most expensive green fees you will ever pay. It is worth it since you can play on the same holes as the golf legends have. Who knows, you might even beat their scores. Well, probably not but at least you can say that you tried. Interested in visiting Pebble Beach? See which Pebble Beach hotel is perfect for you. Or, you could stay at the nearby towns of Pacific Grove and Monterey.
Pine Valley Golf Club
A regular on the best course lists of the world the Pine Valley Golf Club offers seasoned golfers quite a challenge. How can it not with a hole affectionately known as 'Hell's half acre'. True, the water hazards, grass and sand bunkers are difficult to avoid but this beautiful course is worth the effort. Although it is a private course you can buddy up with a member and golf if you are invited. What better reason to make some new friends? See which hotel is perfect for you. Take a short drive to Cherry Hill or stay at nearby Philadelphia.
Oakmont Country Club
When you have hosted the U.S. Open, the PGA Championships, U.S. Women's Open and the U.S. Amateur Championships you deserve to be on our top ten. Need another reason? It is known as the hardest course in the USA so don't let the name of the infamous bunker 'Church Pews' mislead you. Also, players need to be prepared for holes 3 and 4 - there is a reason why they are classified as some of the best holes in the world. This is a members only course so I guess we all know what you'll be asking for Christmas... See which hotel is perfect for you. Stay at nearby Pittsburgh and choose from a great selection of hotels.
Winged Foot Golf Club (West Course)
Providing their golfers with an impressive 36 holes, the Winged Foot Golf Club is divided into two halves. Although the East Course is quite lovely, the West Course tends to stand out from the crowd. You can feel its history as soon as you step out from your car and understand how legends were born here. As with most of these high-end clubs, you can golf at the Winged Foot if you come with a member. Think there might be a 'rent-a-member' option? See which hotel is perfect for you. Stay at nearby White Plains and choose from a great selection of hotels.
Ocean Hammock Golf Club
Considering this golf course is only a short drive away from Daytona Beach it is surprising how tranquil and peaceful it is. As you prepare to tee off you hear the Atlantic Ocean lapping up against the shore but rather than being distracting it sets the tone. Jack Nicklaus really knew what he was doing when he designed this course. Plus, the added bonus is that it is open to the public. Grab your friends and enjoy one of Florida's finest courses. Interested in visiting Palm Coast? See which Palm Coast hotel is perfect for you.
Wailea Golf Club
This Hawaiian golf club is open to all and provides you with three courses to choose from - Gold, Emerald and Blue. However, the Gold course is one of the world's finest. As you make your way through the mountains and along the water you will find it amazing that a golf course can be so beautiful. But don't get too distracted. This course is challenging enough that it needs your attention for every stroke' especially if your ball lands close to a lava rock. Only in Hawaii. Interested in visiting the capital of Maui? See which hotel in Lahaina is perfect for you.
Surrounded by superb Rocky Mountains, Silvertip is the pride of Alberta. This challenging course is open to the public and is one of the finest in the country. Don't be too surprised if your ears pop while playing - there is an elevation change of over 500 feet. Good thing they have golf carts, which come with a GPS system so if you make a wrong turn you'll know how to get back to the stunning clubhouse. And only an Alberta golf course would have a trout pond that acts as a water hazard. Interested in visiting Canmore? See which Canmore hotel is perfect for you.
Fossil Trace Golf Club
Holding claim to having one of the best holes in the entire state, this new golf course is quickly drawing a lot of attention. You actually feel as though you are golfing around fossils with the imposing rock structures that have been strategically placed. The lush greenery and rolling hills all add to your experience. Two other great reasons to golf here is that it is an affordable course and it is open to the public. I guess members-only courses are getting a bit of competition. Interested in visiting Golden? See which Golden hotel is perfect for you.
Pinehurst Resort
The Pinehurst Resort made our top ten because it provides you with a grand total of eight golf courses for you to choose from. That makes it one of the largest of its kind in the world. It truly is a destination where you can spend your entire holiday and experience a new hole every day. The sheer grandness of the entire complex though makes it hard to believe that the courses are open to all. The challenges that each of the eight courses provide give you plenty of reasons to come back over and over again. Interested in visiting the Springhill Suites Pinehurst Southern Pines? See which other Pinehurst hotel is perfect for you.

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