Top Ten European Travel Destinations List

If you can travel to Europe even just once in your lifetime it will be well worth it. Every single country has something unique to offer. Each place has their own dialect, culture, customs and, most importantly, their own cuisine. We have listed our favorite destinations Europe has to offer but as always beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. You may agree or think we've missed a few but either way our destinations for a European getaway are definitely worth exploring. Just make sure to pack your camera.
Making the top of our list is London. My oh my what a fantastic place to discover. Whatever your interests might be this place has got it. Want to see how the royals live? Visit one of the palaces. Interested in seeing a 300+ foot clock tower? Say hello to Big Ben. Anyone interested in shopping? There are simply too many places to mention. Need to say your prayers? The Westminster Abbey is definitely the place to be. Plus, you might run into some blue blood. Probably not, but it's fun to dream. Interested in London? Read more about it here.
As you walk down Paris' cobblestone sidewalks you might find it amazing that the locals don't just stop and stare at the sites 24/7. What may seem blasé to some will leave a lasting impression on you. Take for example the Eiffel Tower. You've probably seen it on TV, the Internet or a postcard but once you actually see it up close you finally get why it is so stunning. In essence, that will be your Paris experience. You will understand why so many have fallen in love with the City of Light. Learn more about Paris with our Paris travel guide.
What a crazy, complex and amazing city. Amsterdam has become one of Europe's hottest destinations. Why? Because it just doesn't fit the stereotypical European destination. Yes, it has fantastic sites but you can see much of what Amsterdam has to offer during a single trip. Another reason why this city is becoming a favorite is because it has transformed its once seedy Red Light District. True, you may still need to shield your eyes but there are areas that provide fantastic dining. Like we said - Amsterdam is crazy, complex and amazing. See what else Amsterdam has to offer with the HotelsByCity Amsterdam travel guide.
Rome is the first of two Italy destinations featured on our Top Ten European Destinations list. This boot-shaped country has a lot to offer and having just one city wasn't possible. Why Rome? Quite simply, its history has played such an important role in our culture today. The paths of many artistic and religious leaders have made their way through here and walking in their footsteps is an experience of a lifetime. Plus, so much of Rome is quite simply beautiful and you will stand in awe of the talent showcased here. Visit our Rome travel guide to see what else Rome has to offer.
Barcelona is a fantastic mixture of European and the Mediterranean influences. You can best experience this whether you are searching for some new threads or dining at a fantastic restaurant. Plus, the two cultures have created a laid back atmosphere where there's no point to rush around... quite simply because no one else will be. Exploring the city is such a highlight that you'll already be wondering when you can return. Enjoy the late night diners, spectacular sites and relearning that life is enjoyed best when not in warp speed. Read our Barcelona travel guide for more great information.
In its past Glasgow was renowned for its shipbuilding industry. Today it has quickly become one of Europe's trendiest cities. It is bursting with culture and no matter what your interests might be you will find your perfect niche. Trendy neighborhoods, historic sites, stunning architecture and galleries abound. Shoppers have plenty of options but Barras is a definite must. Any sports fans? Soccer is a major passion here and watching a match will showcase true fan dedication. Glasgow also provides great evening entertainment. Check what's happening while you are in town to make the most of your Glasgow adventures. Explore more of what Glasgow has to offer with our Glasgow travel guide.
Venice is quite simply a stunning city. Bridges and canals are as far as the eye can see and there are fabulous sites worth spending a day at. Explore this Italian oasis by foot or enjoy an authentic gondola ride. You will soon discover the local way of life. For example, eating in Venice is more than satisfying your hunger. It is about fellowship and enjoying each other's company. Never mind the fact that the meals are out of this world and worth savoring. See what else Venice has in store for you with our Venice travel guide.
Berlin is a wonderful example of overcoming a turbulent past. Once the historic wall was torn down the city began the task of putting it back together. Visit Berlin today and you will agree that they have done a fabulous job. Be immersed in the culture and explore a fantastic selection of museums. Enjoy the world-class entertainment or one of the hottest clubs Europe has to offer. Deciding where to dine might prove to be difficult though since there are literally thousands of places for you to enjoy a meal or a refreshing pint. Interested in visiting Berlin? Read our Berlin travel guide.
Coming in at number nine is Brussels. It used to be overshadowed by some of Europe's most popular cities but no more. Stepping into the spotlight is a destination that is a fantastic combo of trendy and historic. One of the first things you will notice is the architecture where a mixture of old and new designs run seamlessly together. Brussels is also famous for its dining, entertainment options and friendly people. The locals are quite proud of their home and are eager to showcase Brussels' known, and hidden, treasures. Discover more of what Brussels has to offer here.
Making the cut at number ten is Athens. What a glorious, amazing, busy and hot city it is. Make your way to the Acropolis and discover ancient history. From there you can explore many of the other sites that makes Athens such a popular destination. One of the highlights is the Pláka. This pedestrian-friendly area is lined with amazing restaurants and great boutiques. Athens is also a wonderful gateway to many of Greece's charming islands. You just can't go wrong with discovering this beautiful place. Click here for more great information on Athens.

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