Tips On How And What To Pack

Packing for a trip can be one of the most annoying experiences you will ever have to encounter. However, you can cut back the frustration with a little planning and giving yourself enough time to do it well.
Who are you all packing for?
Whos coming with you on this trip? If it is a family vacation that includes your adorable pet you will need to pack accordingly. Whether you are flying or driving, there is only so much room for everyones needs. Get everyone to help out. This can really add to the excitement as well as protect you from the dreaded why didnt you pack it? question. If you are getting some rest and relaxation and going solo pack that favorite book youve been trying to read. It is a good idea to keep a list with you the weeks beforehand so that you can jot down those thoughts that pop into your head.
How's your luggage?
It is a good idea to rate the condition of your suitcase before you start packing. It is no secret that they are treated with very little respect while en route. Thus, you really cant blame them when the handle gets a little loose or the wheels squeak just a tad. However, it is hard to keep this in perspective when the locks come undone in the middle of the airport and your unmentionables are spread all over the floor. You may want to consider purchasing a new one if you havent in the past ten years. It is amazing what they have all come up with to help aid the travelers of the world.
Any special clothing items that need to come along?
Whether you need a grand ballroom dress or your scuba gear it is important to think about what you might need for your trip. True, not everything you do will be known before you go. However, if you do know, it is important to pack accordingly. Plus, you can try to choose items that work for a number of settings. That way you arent just packing for one occasion. Although it might be hard to pair up your scuba flippers with anything else You can at least try.
Medications, vitamins and First Aid Kit
Chances are you wont forget to pack the meds you need but you may not think about a first aid kit or a supply of vitamins. You never know what can happen and having a first aid kit on hand can be a great idea. Be careful where you pack them though. Avoid pairing up medications with bottles filled with liquids or in a place where the container can crack. You may also need a doctors note explaining what your medications are for. Ask before you go or simply get a note in case any confusion should come up during your travels.
Avoid wrinkles
Is it actually possible to pack and not have to iron everything at your destination? Yes, it is. The method may take a little time but can be worth it. Take your pants and fold them in half bottoms together and top in half. Starting from the top, smooth out the lines and begin a fairly tight roll. Stack as you go so that they dont come undone during the trip. Now, we should probably note that there are some items that will simply wrinkle. What is our trick of the trade? Hang them on a hanger in the bathroom, turn the shower on as hot as it can go and close the door. Fifteen minutes later youve just steamed the wrinkles all out. Who says being lazy doesnt have its benefits?
Travel size - no super-sized shampoos
First, most hotels do provide you with their own shampoo and conditioners. However, if your hair simply needs your specific brand purchase a travel container that can hold it. You will save space, avoid overly messy spills and your luggage will be a lot lighter. As a side note, it is always a safe move to pack your lotions and liquids in a Ziploc bag. Your clothes and suitcase will thank you.
Snacks and water
Whether you are on a road trip or in the air, bringing along a few granola bars can save you a lot of heartache or stomachaches. Now, some travelers may disagree with the idea of bringing your own water. They say that it is extra weight and readily available. True, but there are always those times when you need a sip and you simply cant find any. Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your body. Take along your water youll be happy you did. Not to flip flop back and forth but there are certain airlines that do have strict regulations so you may be told to dump your water. Our solution? Buy a cheap brand. That way you wont feel so bad if you have to leave it behind.
Not too many people forget their camera but it does happen. What can occur more often though are the attachments they require camera case, batteries, charger, film etc. Make sure you take everything you might need to ensure you can use your product. Besides, buying a disposable camera, film or batteries at the tourist shops can be very expensive.
No, the kitchen sink doesn't have to come
Choosing what to pack can be just as hard as choosing what to leave behind. Trust us on this one not everything in your closet is necessary. Besides, what you take out also has to get washed and put away when you return home. Think about your outfits and see if you can mix and match the pieces. Choosing wisely will change carrying your suitcase from an absolute nightmare to a doable experience.
What not to pack and keep on you
This rule is easy to follow if you use this guideline can you survive your trip without it? A passport is essential for your travels so keeping that on you is a must. What about the books you want to read? Not so much. Besides, airlines are continuing to tighten up on their security. Research before you go to see what the latest rules and regulations are.

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