Privacy Policy

At we take protecting your privacy seriously. In a day and age where security is becoming increasingly more important we continue to take steps to ensure your information remains safe. allows you to make your reservations with confidence. In the end we want our customers to find a fantastic deal and feel protected when they make the reservation. This is our promise to you.

For our present and future customers:

We may collect your general information, which would include name, address, phone and email, in order for us to contact you in the future.

We may use a 'cookie' to mage your status and verify your identity.
We may need technical info regarding your computer and browser so that we can send you information in the correct format.

*We will only share your information to a third party if it fulfills the services you have asked us to preform.

Some other examples include:

Service providers: please note that our service providers adhere to the same strict guidelines we do.
Legal Reasons: should the law require us to share information, we will be bound to do so.

For our past customers:

Whether you continue to book your rooms with us or not, your information is still protected. Once you are part of the family, you are always part of the family. Not that we are a part of a mafia...

Please contact us should you have any concerns or questions.

Kind regards,
The staff at

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